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A Brighter Future

My Practice

Maybe you have feelings of isolation, abandonment or a sense of deep longing; feelings of panic; insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns; recurring dreams; frequent anger; mood swings; unexplained aches and pains or maybe physical heartache.

Many of my clients have suffered past loss. Loss encompasses bereavement; loss of freedom; traumatic loss; anticipating your own death or the death of a loved one; losing the future you expected or hoped for; loss of self or a sense of your own identity; losing self esteem; loss of a relationship and many, many more examples. The list of losses in life is endless. Painful events in life result in feelings such as grief, anxiety, shame, guilt, anger, fear and sadness, which can feel overwhelming at times.

I regularly work with sufferers of anxiety, sleeplessness and chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

In addition, I have a special interest in neonatal & postnatal loss and working with parents and grandparents who have suffered the trauma of a child dying. I support the work of Freddie’s Wish and have a number of fully and part funded places available to bereaved family members, when applied for via their website (see resources page).

Please call me for a free confidential chat about how we can work together.

World view

I value honesty, personal integrity, connection, compassion and relationship. I believe that people can be empowered to thrive after life events have impacted them adversely. Crucially, I realise that I don’t have all the answers. However, I can recognise peoples’ strengths and help them access those qualities.

In addition, I can sit with the uncomfortable (sometimes scary) feelings my clients bring. I am not afraid to walk into dark places, if my clients are ready to go there.

Above all, I believe that when we feel healthy, resilient and connected, the world becomes a safer place.


Initial Contact: We may exchange emails or you can contact me by phone. I suggest we speak (free of charge) for about 20-30 minutes. Initially, we’ll establish if I am the right counsellor for you. If I’m not, I will signpost you to someone that is better suited to help.

Assessment Session: £25 for 50 minutes. We will appraise your life, experiences and what brings you to counselling.

Subsequent Sessions: £45 for 50 minutes. I believe counselling should be widely available, so please ask about concessions if you are on a low income.

Sessions are on a one-to-one basis. I am currently working with clients by Zoom (Online video service). Walk & talk therapy on the beach / face to face work may be options for clients who live within travelling distance of Middleton-on-Sea. There is off road parking at my home office.


A Safe Space

Counselling is a talking therapy. As a profession we help our clients to understand themselves better and find healthy coping mechanisms. In other words, together we work towards you experiencing life in greater balance. Counsellors do not give advice and therapy is not like a chat with a mate. As a process of change, counselling is not always comfortable. You may experience difficult sensations and feelings. It is part of my role to ensure that my client feels safe whilst experiencing their discomfort and processing the difficult feelings they are experiencing.

I qualified on a BACP accredited course and I am a member of their organisation. If you want to know more, follow the link to “About Me”.

A Listening Space

I work with adults and offer online video sessions via Zoom (nationwide), walk & talk therapy on the beach and face to face sessions in a closed room setting in Middleton-on-Sea.

Maybe you have no one to talk to, even people with supportive family and friends can find it difficult to talk to loved ones and can feel isolated. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by sadness? Alternatively, you may feel angry or anxious? Some people experience physical symptoms such as palpitations, sleep issues, panic attack, chronic pain, stress headaches or signs they associate with stress, anxiety or grief. I listen without judgement, will help you to regulate your feelings and physical reactions and provide a space where you can feel healthy again.